HUD’s  appearance  at the table:

Dynamic HUD supports 6-max and 9-max tables

*Implemented with the help of the nl200-5,000 players (years 2014-2017)

Dynamic HUD was compiled specifically for 6-max and 9-max cash tables. It allows you to display only relevant stats for each player at the table depending on the situation in the current hand and pre-defined conditions (position of the players, dropped out board texture and action). For example, if the player is on the button, the HUD of his opponents will only show stats of their games against the button.


*Dynamic HUD works in poker rooms networks: 888, PartyPoker, WPN, iPoker and many others.


On opponents up to three thousand hands the HUD displays with the overall indices – this is useful when the player hasn't got enough history. After three thousand hands HUD automatically changes to another, where you use statistics taking into account the positions of players that allows you to show more accurate statistics for certain game situations, for example, when the opponent plays in the blinds.



HUD < 3000hh – with total indicators, not divided when playing against regulars.

HUD > 3000hh – displays particular indicators for games against regular players.


*Currently, this component is of the greatest importance; it is not present in any other commercial Pack that we know of!



The HUD is divided into two groups for seated right and left from you

Left IP

Right OOP


The 1st block

In the first block there is a statistic that is always displayed by default.

  *The difference has only the first stat in the second line: vsSteal - on the left, Limp - on the right

The 2nd block

For those sitting on the left

For those sitting on the right

In the second block preflop- positional statistics change depending on the position of the opponent in relation to you.

*Positional line contains statistics in accordance with the playing position of the opponent.

The 3 block

on the left  vsOR-IP - Caller IP vs OpenRaiser

on the right  OR-OOP - OpenRaiser OOP

In the third block statistics are postflop - dynamic.

*Dynamic block automatically changes depending on the action on preflop.


DYNAMIC HUD - is fully equipped with a dynamic preflop, thanks to which you won’t have to open pop-ups; all information is displayed at once on tables depending on the opponents’ actions at preflop. This convenience gives you a significant advantage over your opponents; in addition, you will be able to focus on the relevant indicators rapidly and make more reasonable and deliberate decisions.



OpenRaise CO (Hero SB)

FSR - Fold to Squeeze asRaiser

4BS - 4bet vs Squeeze asRaiser


*Click on the image to see the complete hand.

ColdCall BU (Hero SB)

CC - ColdCall

3B - 3bet


FSC - Fold to Squeeze asCaller

4BS - 4bet vs Squeeze asCaller

Player BB (Hero SB)

SQZ - Squeeze

S-FO - Squeeze-Fold


OpenRaise CO3bet BU

3B - 3bet BU vs CO

FC4B - Fold to Cold4bet/Open4bet


OpenRaise COHero 3bet BU

F5B - Fold to 5bet

4BR - Postflop 4bet pot asRaiser


OpenRaise MP Hero 3bet COCold4bet BB

CD4B - Cold4bet

CD4B-F - Cold4bet-Fold


Postflop Cbet-Flop CD4B Pot



L'F - Limp-Fold

L'R - Limp-Raise


LCP - Postflop LimpCall Pot


Fold to Steal BB / SB vs BU

< 2.3 - sizing 0 - 2.3bb

< 2.9 - sizing 2.3 - 2.9bb

< 3.5 - sizing 2.9 - 3.5bb

An example of using Dynamic in the game

For the correct work of the dynamics,  it is required additional software:

StarsHelper/StarsCaption/SessionLord → PokerStars;

888Caption → Pacific;

WPN Tools → Winning Poker Network;

PartyCaption → PartyPoker;

iPoker Tools → for the new version of the iPoker network.