New Simple


New Simple

    There are a lot of different HUDs / Popups on the Internet,  but not all of them combine the qualities, that are needed to become really comfortable. We tried to collect all the necessary characteristics in New Simple HUD and to create comfortable conditions for you when playing with opponents of different levels.


  • Display of statistics in the HUD according to the positions and in relation to your position at the table:
    • Early / Middle vs Late positions
    • Late vs Late, etc.
  • Different HUDs depending on the number of hands for an opponent:
    • 0 < 200Hands - Unknown players
    • 200 < 1500 < 2000 < 5000Hands - Little-known players
    • > 5000Hands - Regular players
  • Advanced preflop / postflop statistics with an increase of hands for an opponent:
    • Total stats for unknown players
    • IP / OOP stats for little-known players
    • Advanced positional stats when playing against Regular players only.
  • Reacting at different steal sizes at late positions;
  • Statistics on different texture boards;
  • Reacting at different continuation bets;
  • Total Bets, Folds, and Wins at River;
  • Additional automatic information for every stat:
    • postflop / preflop diagrams
    • next player’s actions
    • vs-Hero
    • bet sizes / showdowns
    • action profit
  • Convenient and compact pop-ups: Examples of pop-ups;
  • A great collection of HUDs that keeps being supplemented;
  • Clear representation and understanding of opponents’ games due to detailed statistics;
  • Possibility to analyze your game and opponents on all game lines;
  • Detailed Installation and Presetting manual.



*New Simple HUD was created with the support of professional nl200-5000 players

and matches all the poker room rules.


HUD's appearance  at the table:

new simple 6-max

new simple 6-max (advanced)

adaptive simple 3-10 max

   Positional HUD is compiled specifically for cash tables and allows to display only relevant statistics on every player at the table. For example, if the player is at SB positions, the HUD will show statistics of his opponents playing only in versus situations:                                     SB vs EP-CO / SB vs BTN / SB vs BB


*HUD supports 6-max, 9-max and 10-max tables.



Notes, Vpip, Pfr, Hands, WTSD




Position on the right

Fold Squeeze asRaiser

Fold Squeeze asCaller

Raise1st, Raise1limp

Fold 3bet, 4bet


ColdCall, 3bet

Preflop Raiser OOP - CBet-Flop, CBet/Fold-Flop, CBet-Turn, CBet-River

Call3bet OOP - FoldCBet-Flop, Raise-Flop, FoldCBet-Turn, FoldCBet-River


Notes, Vpip, Pfr, Hands, WTSD




Position on the left

Fold vsSteal Total

Fold vsSteal 2 - 2.3bb

Fold vsSteal 2.3 - 2.9bb

Fold vsSteal 2.9 - 3.5bb

ColdCall 3bet

ColdCall, 3bet

Fold 4bet, 5bet



ColdCaller  OOP - FoldCBet-Flop, Raise-Flop, FoldCBet-Turn, FoldCBet-River

3bet pot OOP - CBet-Flop, CBet/Fold-Flop, CBet-Turn, CBet-River

All positions are highlighted in particular colored frames: EP  MP  CO  BU  SB  BB, to make it possible to focus quickly on the position versus which the game is being played at the moment.


      Stats linked to one another are located in frames - raise1st, raise1limp, fold3bet, 4bet (to the right)

                                                                                          coldcall, 3bet. fold4bet, 5bet (to the left)


Our collection comprises more than 70 popups that are used at different moments of the game against very different opponents:      Unknown, Little-Known, Regular.

Preflop Raiser

Preflop Caller 3bet

Preflop Before


New Simple and Adaptive Simple contain more than 6000 statistic indicators thanks to which you will be able to play more efficiently against any opponent and build the most beneficial game lines. With the help of the extended statistics you will be able to find the weaknesses of your opponents and deduce value from them while increasing your winrate.


0 < 200hands – total stats of playing "All vs all"

200 < 1500 < 2000 < 5000рук - stats of playing IP / OOP "All vs all"

> 5000рук - stats of playing Position vs Position "Only vs regular players"


When hovering on any preflop stat: raise1st, fold3bet, 4bet, coldcall, 3bet, fold4bet, 5bet etc., you can view double diagrams.


*Green color - aggression (raise, 3bet etc.), Blue color - passivity (limp, ColdCall etc.)

Who are New Simple and Adaptive Simple HUD designed for?



This HUD suits both beginners and professional players who would like to feel comfortable at the tables and receive accurate indicators regarding regular opponents. You will also have a chance to analyze games outside of tables on all game lines. Thanks to the 9 carefully chosen board textures, you will always be able to compare usual Postflop stats with the board texture you got. Positional stats will allow you to see the game separately at early positions, at late positions, early vs late, and many others.



You are welcome to use it and ask questions if you have any.

We hope that you will find our HUDs useful.


Full HUDs of contents

  • adaptive PRO hud 3-10max(in developing)
  • adaptive simple hud 3-10max
  • new simple hud_6max(advanced)
  • new simple hud_9max advanced)
  • new simple hud_6-9max(easy)
  • new simple hud_6-9max
  • hu-cash hud(easy)
  • hu-cash hud


The total number of filters- 6683pcs.

Complex stats - 350pcs.



The total number of pop-ups - 70pcs.



The total number of badges - 50pcs.

Overview of coach AndrewHvorov: topic with workouts

(nl5-30) $ - 50
(nl5-50) $ - 75
(nl5-100) $ - 100
(nl5-200) $ - 150
(nolimit) $ - 200
(nl5-30) $ - 25
(nl5-50) $ - 35
(nl5-100) $ - 50
(nl5-200) $ - 65
(nolimit) $ - 75

The subscription is valid for 3 months.


If you upgrade to the full version within a month, you only need to pay for the price difference!


Invite a friend and get a second license as a gift!


If you haven’t found the payment method that is convenient for you, please contact us in Skype: GT-Pack


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16 Sep. 2017

The new popups are just great. Thank you for helping with the installation!


08 Jul. 2017

I am using Gt-simple Hud. It’s way more convenient than HM. Definitely, +ЕВ. Thanks )


03 Feb. 2017

Great HUD, the best I’ve tried, the speed is also a pleasant surprise.




To activate HUD, you need a licensed version of the program!


This procedure is performed once, in the future you do not need to renew the subscription to the program if you play low limits to nl25 or mtt to - $ 9. The main thing is that the license key has been installed in the program.

We pay 10 - 25% for attracting a new user.


When buying Dynamic → New Simple will be as a present!


When buying MTT-SNG Pack → SpinHud+HU-SNG  will be as a present!

When buying unlimited package → second license as a gift!

We invite poker sites and shops, coaches, and bloggers for cooperation.


For these purposes we have developed a "Poker tool "GT-HUD"  a unique new product for the poker game.

Learn more about the partnership programmes via the
feedback form
or contact on Skype:



We take into account all users’ wishes and regularly supplement our set with necessary functions, stats, and badges.


Contact our Support at   or in Skype:    GT-Pack and please describe in detail what you think is missing in New Simple.



We offer our help in installing and presetting Hand2Note/New Simple. To do that, you need to have an updated version of TeamViewer, and headphones with a microphone.



If you still have questions or experience difficulties when choosing, please write to our Skype or e-mail and we will answer your questions and find a suitable option for you!

Innovative poker statistics app

Innovative poker statistics app