New Simple


New Simple

*Support of 10-max will be implemented in 2017.

 Positional HUD is adapted to the play at 6 and 9 max tables. "Positional" means that all panels with statistics

 are displayed according to the playing position of the opponent.


When designing a HUD we used a completely different approach, now you have a significant advantage

and  much more time to make good, outmanage solutions.


It's incredibly convenient when you do not need to resort to preflop pop-ups, and one need only to look

for the necessary statistics block.



             New Simple - is a positional HUD of new level, unparalleled

*Positional HUD is allowed in all poker rooms

HUD's appearance  at the table:

Panel with statistics have a unique display format. Everything is arranged in such a way

 that you can always plan hand competition on preflop.


Let us examine the block of stats of the opponent, sitting on the UTG position.

The first top panel displays general stats that are for the initial determination of the player:

Nickname, Notes, Vpip, Pfr, Hands. On the side: wtsd , wwsf, won$d (see description below)


On the right column we can see how much player openraise first from UTG position and isolate one limper. The second line shows how it falls on 3bet in relation to our position and 4bet.

A red frame means that the opponent is at UTG.

The third line ColdCall and 3bet  is useful if the opponent calls or makes a 3bet in front of us.


On the left we see how he falls on squeeze as raiser or caller.


It is important to know that each item displays the corresponding block of IP and OOP stats

depending on your position at the table. Postflop stats are also divided and always display only the most relevant statistics.



Notes, Vpip, Pfr, Hands, WTSD




To the right of us position  UTG

Fold Squeeze asRaiser

Fold Squeeze asCaller

Raise1st, Raise1limp

Fold 3bet, 4bet


ColdCall, 3bet

Preflop Raiser OOP - CBet-Flop, CBet/Fold-Flop, CBet-Turn, CBet-River

Call3bet OOP - FoldCBet-Flop, Raise-Flop, FoldCBet-Turn, FoldCBet-River

attached POP-UPS:

(vpip) Pop-up PF - preflop raise

*Pop-up PF contains all preflop stats for players sitting to the right of us.

(pfr) Pop-up CC - coldcall

*Pop-up CC contains all the preflop stats for players sitting to the left of us.

(hands) Pop-up AGG - aggression

*Pop-up AGG contains indicators of aggression on the streets, common beta/folds and winnings for different bet sizes.

Notes, Vpip, Pfr, Hands

When you point at any preflop stat, you can view the dual hands' diagrams.

*The red frame indicates the position of the player, in this example, the position UTG.

Raise1st, Raise1limp

Fold 3bet, 4bet

ColdCall, 3bet

Fold vs 3bet at different sizing.

*Displays in the informational pop-ups, when there is sampling.

Postflop pop-up for range pots Preflop raiser out of position.

*Preflop raiser out of position

Postflop pop-up for call3bet pots.

 *Preflop caller out of position

Preflop Raiser OOP - CBet-Flop, CBet/Fold-Flop, CBet-Turn, CBet-River

Call3bet OOP - FoldCBet-Flop, Raise-Flop, FoldCBet-Turn, FoldCBet-River

To the left from us position  BB

ColdCall, 3bet

Fold 4bet, 5bet



ColdCaller  OOP - FoldCBet-Flop, Raise-Flop, FoldCBet-Turn, FoldCBet-River

3bet pot OOP - CBet-Flop, CBet/Fold-Flop, CBet-Turn, CBet-River

  • Connection of pop-ups for other positions is carried out in the same way
  • All positions are marked with colored frames - UTG  MP  CO  BU  SB  BB

      In the framework there are connected stats - raise1st, raise1limp, fold3bet, 4bet (on the right)

                                                                                       coldcall, 3bet. fold4bet, 5bet (on the left)

  • Postflop statistics data is divided into:

             ~ Early-medium EP-MP

             ~ Late CO-BU

             ~ SB vs BB/ BB vs SB

             ~ HU

             ~ MWP

             ~ Total


Notes, Vpip, Pfr, Hands, WTSD




Fold vsSteal Total

Fold vsSteal 2 - 2.3bb

Fold vsSteal 2.3 - 2.9bb

Fold vsSteal 2.9 - 3.5bb

ColdCall 3bet




All positional pop-ups are made in conjunction, in case the opponent will have a few hands and there will
be a need to see the general trend of the game.


• The whole HUD is developed by professional nl200-5,000 players;

• The cleanest statistics when playing against regular players;

• Eyes rapidly focus on relevant information;

• Conveniently structured statistics;

• User-friendly understandable abbreviations;

• Fast and simple adaptation;

• Open HUD editor and assistance in editing;

• Access to the installation and presetting guide;

• Daily Skype Support.

Full of contents

  • New Simple hud_6max(advanced)
  • New Simple hud_9max(advanced)
  • New Simple hud_6-9max
  • hu-cash hud



The total number of filters- 5788pcs.

Complex stats - 112pcs.



The total number of pop-ups - 70pcs.



The total number of badges - 50pcs.


Overview of coach AndrewHvorov: topic with workouts


(nl5-30) $ - 50
(nl5-50) $ - 75
(nl5-100) $ - 100
(nl5-200) $ - 150
(nolimit) $ - 200


(nl5-30) $ - 25
(nl5-50) $ - 35
(nl5-100) $ - 50
(nl5-200) $ - 65
(nolimit) $ - 75

The subscription is valid for 3 months.


If you upgrade to the full version within a month, you only need to pay for the price difference!


Invite a friend and get a second license as a gift!


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